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Mental health thingum stolen from Lo

Posted on 2006.10.15 at 16:54
Current Mood: amusedamused
Lucius: Paranoid? Me?Collapse )

Druella's results (very fitting, actually)Collapse )

Alecto completes the 'Sarah's characters are paranoid freaks who are full of themselves' thing. O_oCollapse )

Posted on 2006.07.21 at 02:50
[Privacy charmed for Bellatrix and Emmy only]

Well, there seems to be some VERY interesting points about the Gryffindor Quartet . . . particularly concerning that of James Potter. It seems the poor boy is blindedly protective of his dearest friends.

Perhaps they can be used for a little persuasion at some time. Also, he seemed very stubborn in the notion that Emmy and that mudblood, Evans, have a bit in common.

I wonder if all of them share the same loyalty toward each other. Perhaps that mudblood is the key to bringing them to our side?

Wonderful to know she's FINALLY of SOME use.

Lucius and Emmy
Posted on 2006.07.15 at 16:04
So, it appears our own Emmy will be joined with the eldest child of the most noble Walburga and Orion Black.

I offer my welcomes to the Slytherin family, Sirius Black.

[charmed for Emmy and Bellatrix]

I can't promise either of you that I won't remove vital organs if he ever does anything to Emmy that I find distasteful or low-class.

Posted on 2006.04.19 at 01:40
Christmas holidays are upon this place again.

Amycus is leaving, which may indeed be a very wonderful gift from the powers that be.

I do hope you enjoy your holidays, Narcissa. Do be sure to give your parents the warmest regards on behalf of the Malfoy family.

[Charmed for Emmy]

When would you like to begin our research, my dear?

. . . also, being that you appear to be of the female persuasion . . . if I were to want to send Narcissa a . . . ah . . . small gift over the holidays, what would you suggest?



Wednesday night/Dec 3rd

Posted on 2006.04.07 at 00:14
I appear to have come down with a slight cold. This is rather irksome as I am sniffling and Malfoys do NOT sniffle yet, strangely worth everything.

I think I have acquired a certain appreciation for snow, as well.

Emmy, I must speak to you in private later.

And Emmy . . . private means ABSOLUTELY NO AMYCUS or any other soul . . . .

Posted on 2006.03.30 at 13:30
It saddens me to witness how disgustingly lowly and prosaic our house has become. What can stop one from despair when one finds that housemates cannot even devise a proper insult anymore? Such a tragedy.

[Charmed to Emmy, Rodolphus, and Bella]

I'm afraid we have no choice but to kill Evan Rosier and Amycus Carrow. I know you were fond of the latter, Emmy, but he has sunk to a new low by standing alongside that foul worm. I may have been able to overlook the ordeal involving Narcissa being that the little tart most likely means nothing to Miss Black but this is unacceptable.

And as if Evan hadn't already done enough, any Slytherin whose insult is comprised of the words "clutching teddy bear" and "thumbsucker" needs to be put to death (rather violently, I might add) for the sake of house reputation.

Posted on 2006.03.28 at 02:31
It seems I've more than annoyed Emmy with putting Carrow in his place. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you, Miss Wilkes, do tell me. Chocolate? Diamonds? Regale you with what I've heard about a very rough beating for Evans recent fight?

[charmed for Emmy alone]

Both Severus and Potter seem very protective over the mudblood. I think she would be a convenient tool to stir up some rather unpleasant confrontations between the two?

Posted on 2006.03.17 at 02:37
That irritating Gryffindor mudblood, Lily Evans, is still an enigma, in that she appears to have caught Slughorn's attention and retains it. I really hope he drops this sympathetic politics stance of his and realises the mistake he's making. Lord knows that I do not want to have to share a hallway with trash like that if I can avoid it.

Me? Conditioned? Because I happen to not want to give her special favours on account of her being less deserving?


[charmed for Emmy's eyes only]

I do believe that our fellow housemate, Severus, is consorting with the mudblood tart. Any suggestions regarding how to handle this? I would hate for the boy to be misguided into sympathising for mudbloods and blood-traitors, as his uncanny skills in the often tedious and difficult area of Potions could be a valuable asset to our side.



Lucius/Emmy ficlet

Posted on 2006.02.22 at 03:05
CompetitionCollapse )
TrustCollapse )

NeedCollapse )

GoodbyeCollapse )

Posted on 2006.02.19 at 05:02
[privacy charmed]
It seems that this elusive room that Emmy's father has spoken of is nowhere to be found. Not that I doubt the Dark Lord's judgement, but it seems that this is going to be harder than I had originally anticipated. None of my fellow Slytherins seem to be any more informed than Emmy and I, only having heard whispers, if they do not doubt its existance entirely.

I must also take time to repay the kindness that Rosier showed to Emmy recently. She is not to know, of course.

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